Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Fishy spaghetti

Back in 2008, I broke up with a boy. Now I won't bang on about it, because we've all been there, haven't we? Well, if you haven't, you should really give it a go. Once you get past the whole snot-streaming-down-your-face-constantly-wearing-jogging-bottoms-only-eating-sticky-toffee-pudding phase, it really is quite character forming. Anyway, this parting of ways meant leaving life as I knew it behind and moving back home, which, at 24 years old, hadn't really been part of my life plan. Suddenly I was back in a world of dial-up broadband, twice monthly public transport and remembering to take my shoes off on entering the house. And watching a lot of Gilmore Girls.

The major up-shot of this return to the nest, however, was that I was fantastically fed (a blessing and a curse, because we all know that when you break-up with someone you're meant to get all thin and heroin chic). My step father, Keith, should really have been a chef (he has all the right qualities - being pretty good at cooking and having an excellent repertoire of swear words) but he is far too sensible and opted for a 'proper' job, regular hours and a pension. The advantage of this sensible streak (asides from job security, comfortable retirement etc) is that his time is spent cooking for us, rather than a bunch of paying customers. Night after night, my mother and I had a host of delectable morsels placed in front of us, yet the dish we repeatedly requested - pair of comfort seeking philistines that we are - was this: fishy spaghetti.

It pretty much does what it says on the tin; it's spaghetti and it's fishy, and there's some tomatoes thrown in for good measure. The thing which makes it noteworthy though, is the inclusion of mint, which may seem like a dubious choice over the classic basil or parsley, but trust me it works. It's a great dish for when you want a bit of a carb fest but don't want lashings of cheese and other frowned-upon things. So shovel it in, compadres, there be only good fats here.

Fishy Spaghetti

Serves two
200g spaghetti/linguine
1 tin chopped tomatoes
2 cloves garlic
Pinch chilli flakes
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
1 tbsp sugar
1 tin mackerel fillets
Small bunch mint, chopped
Slug of oil

Fry your garlic briefly in the oil. Once starting to brown add in your toms, vinegar, sugar, chilli and seasoning and simmer for about 15 mins, until the sauce is quite thick and reduced by about half. Then cook your pasta. At the last minute add your mackerel and mint to the sauce then when the pasta is done, combine and serve with more mint sprinkled on top.

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